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Spiritual Prosperity Workbook

The following material was taken from a workshop done by Robert Wood. If you would like to help sponsor a workshop in your area contact Robert through his e-mail or call (303) 570-0840. 

Spiritual Prosperity teaches us that real happiness comes from following our spiritual path, inclusive of whatever the religious affiliation or spiritual practice we aspire too. Spiritual Prosperity is a way of clarifying our purpose, goals and practices by evaluating what a relationship (people, places and things) is FOR. This is a brief overview of the material and the workbook (so that you can do the workbook) and receive direction or guidance to father your spiritual awareness. We are all spiritual being, some more aware, others less: some more advanced in spiritual gifts or attributes, some less talented. Even if you are just waking up to your innate self, YOU have within you all the qualities of God-Spirit. Like material prosperity you have to begin where you find yourself and build from there. 

Unlike material-prosperity, spiritual prosperity is not about accumulation of objective/things. It is about discovery or receiving what is already given to you. It is a way of living. It is not about doing but can include doing, it is about Being. It is not about having but you can have anything you desire: it is about Being what you Have. It is not about getting although you can receive, its about giving. Spiritual Prosperity is not about being deprived to be more spiritual, it is about abundance and recognition that you are apart of everything and everything was created by and for you. To be truly prosperous you must remove all lack, doubt and fear from within yourself and return your mind to your creative potential. To be a creator with The Creator is to know yourself and that is the essence of Spirituality.  

Our purpose in sharing this material is not to teach religion, or spiritual ideology or force any dogma upon you. Our purpose is to inspire you to remember what is within yourself by helping you remove any interference or blocks to that inner awareness of Being Spirit. From knowing what you are, all  Spiritual Prosperity flows. From knowing come your Right path for YOU. The workbook is designed to take you through a series of steps to reach some spiritual conclusions about your own personal spiritual path. The workbook's purpose is to encourage you to see everything is your experience as a way to understand your path. 

Introduction to Prosperity
Part 1 Establishing your goals. 
Part 2 Setting your purpose  
Part 3 Remembering your Unified Goal  
Part 4 Seeing your core beliefs and removing blocks of fearPart 5 Spiritual Alignment of Goals.
Part 6 Action and Agreements Part 7 Commitment to Self. 

It is desirable to take each step or part but you can go to any Part by clicking on to its link and skip around if you feel like it. Each part is complete in itself and if you feel you don't need to do a specific section that is perfectly acceptable. Enjoy. 

Robert Wood
(303) 570-0840